One Shot, One Opportunity…

Sunday was one of the few days off I get from work, so I took it upon myself to be lazy and nothing short of a slob. I also got to do something that time usually does not allow me the opportunity to do, watch TV. My show of choice was the U.S Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Trials. Let me first start of by saying, I don’t know if  it was because Aunt Flow was  knocking at my door step baring gifts, but for some reason I became extremely emotional watching it.

Shawn Johnson and Nastia Luikin at 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

For one, I watched Nastia Liukin compete in the 08′ Olympics in Beijing and quickly became a fan of her and Shawn Johnson. Shawn’s bit sized frame but incredible physical strength and high performance stole the hearts of many audience viewers including myself. However, I admired the fact that Nastia’s was 5’7  a rare  height for a world-class gymnast) competing in the Olympics. I also loved the fact that Nastia’s dad was her coach, which made for a nice dynamic duo.

2012 U.S Olympic Gymbastic Team to compete in London

Sunday was a sad and joyous day. Five hopefuls were chosen to join the US Olympic team, while Nastia Lukin ended her Olympic return. Previously before the start of the trials, Shawn  made the hard decision to retire from gymnastic after a ski injury leaving her with a tear in her ACL and Menicus.Nastia’s faith was eventually sealed after an excruciating face plant during her bar exercises. It then became quite apparent to not only Nastia but the thousands os spectators at the San Jose HP Pavilion, that Nastia would not be making her rounds in London.

Seconds after Nastia’s painful fall during her bar exercises at the final day of the 2012 Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Trials.

One thing I realized watching Women’s gymnastic is that gymnasts have  a quick burnout rate compared  to swimmers and tracks runners. Having youth is a tremendous advantage. A lot of the sixteen and seventeen year old girls gymnasts competing in the Olympic Trials know that this may  be their only possible chance of ever attending the Olympics. This is due to fact, that in four years their bodies will have reached its maximum capacity of physical strain that gymnastic entails. These ladies are now left with the ultimatum between chosing to discontinue the sport for the betterment of their overall health or continue to pursue their dreams. This realization really triggered at my heart-strings. These girls are so young but also very mature. They have made so many sacrifices and  have spent endless hours, days, and years training. To have to hang up their dreams so early in life is extremely frustrating. For this reason their passion and determination exudes from the television screen. When you see those girls trying to hold back those tears, you feel and sympathizes. For an instance you believe you understand what they ae going through.


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