If Fruit Were Clothes.

I decided to let my creative juices run free in honor of Independence Day. Haha. For my first ever blog style board I wanted to personify (“clothsify”) fruit  into an actual fashion character/outfit. What fruit do you believe perfectly describes you? Personally, I j’adore my watermelon piece. A white plain blouse would go perfect under the coral blazer. This piece is something I would wear to a casual/ semi-formal event. The pineapple piece resembles my off the wall imagination. I think it would turn heads down the street of Nashville, but rock out at nightclub in …Ibiza.haha. If you have any specific request for a fruit you want me to clothsify comment on the post and I will attempt to do so. Happy 4th of July!

Once Upon A Time Fruit Were Clothes

11 thoughts on “If Fruit Were Clothes.

  1. Oookkkaaayyy Miss Chiza. Creative in deed. You could moonlight as a stylist! I’m thinking multiple fruit…constant in areas that require consistency…the same taste and texture when you take a bite; pleasant suprises in the areas that don’t. What does Chizoh say???

    • Well… my first thought would be an avocado.haha. The rough surface is consistent throughout the outer surface and the creamy inside is also smooth in texture. The pleasant surprises arrive when the avocado spoils 🙂

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