Before this Beauitful Season Comes to an End.

Before the summer comes to an end and I make my return back to missed friends, long nights of studying, walking everywhere on foot, polluted air/waterways, and bipolar weather, I have comprised a list of things I intend to accomplish. Today, being a very uneventful day in my life and having the want to write a new post, I thought I share them with you. So here we go!

 Numero Uno: Get a Passport

I have always considered myself to be a very worldly individual. The only problem is… I haven’t been out of the States. Therefore, I feel getting a passport will give me more of a initiative to become the truly cultured person that I envision myself .

 Numero Dos: Purchase Chacos

For anyone who appreciates the whole granola look or for people who just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, Chaco sandals are a must have.  Attending school on a campus literally craved out of a mountain, I considered Chacos to be undeniably necessary. Some find the “Jesus sandals” to be hideous and only meant for biblical times. Personally, I think there absolute godsend for any college student who is a constant pedestrian and prefers to let their feet breath. Also there very comfortable and a nice substitute for sneakers.
This is one of the only things on my checklist I have actually accomplished. I recently purchased the Chacos ZX/2 Vibram Yampa in Fiesta (pictured below).

Numero Tres: Upload and  Transfer Pictures into the Picture Frames I Purchased

This is a goal two years in the making. I have not found the time or the energy to sit down at a local Express-Photo kiosk and go through the hundreds of photos stored in my camera. Also, the fact that my pictures our in my camera not  scattered all over my living quarters, opens the possible thought to friends and acquaintances that I am a  very lonely and reclusive individual.

Numero Cuatro: Purchase a Runner’s Watch

I am determined to not let the pounds pile on during these next upcoming semesters. I intend to jog run weekly.

Numero Cinco: Purchase Adele’s 21 and Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials

I know! I am running a little behind, but I haven’t found anyone who has the actual CD, which is really shocking. Therefore, I have no other choice but to buy it. However, I know it will be money well spent.

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