If the Shoe Fits, then Wear It.

So fact of the day: I LOVE SHOES!!! One of my favorite shoes designers is Steve Madden. I  adore his  shoes because he provides high-end look for a very reasonable price. Also, I am a huge fan of his excellent execution of leather in his designs. The Steve Madden shoe line is renown in the fashion realm but  is also very accessible and somewhat affordable to common folks like> this girl<.

I was looking through the online website(in the clearance section to be exact) when I came across some shoes that made me want to chuck my checking account at the computer screen. I  am being serious! I was ready to live on the streets for Steve. Come on, what girl wouldn’t be content cuddle up on a sidewalk wrapped in finely crafted footwear and a ration of Ramen Noodles stored away in her nearby stolen grocery shopping cart?

Okay, not many…but still.  I guess you have to see the shoes for yourself.


The Rasscal is a very verstile wear. The different colors of the leather give the shoe a very modern look. The pastel pink adds a great accent color and is subtle enough for those who prefer a more conservative look . These shoes are a prefect statement piece  to show off your  individuality and fashion intellect. Break away from the mold and purchase multi toned leather sandals and add some pizzazz to your  life.


Let’s be honest, loafers are hot right now. These would look great paired with some cute cropped jeans and a nice top. Remember a little goes a long way. With Elton-G, your bound to sparkle, glitter, and shine.Wearing too many colors and accessories strays viewer’s eyes away from Elton’s eye-catching glow.


 Come on, we all need a friend named Gretta in our life. She highlights are innate femininity. Gretta also makes the dullest and most prudish appear to be quite…OUTGOING and fun to be around. Point, blank, period! Gretta makes the fearful seem fearless.


Now I imagine Winonna is the wildcard of the litter. To some readers, Winonna’s beauty will not  immediately be noticed or acknowledged. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and well…I’m the beholder. The multi-use of color and elaborate stitch work gives Winonna a Mayan feel. For me, Winonna provides a connection to a different world and culture that varies greatly from my own. I love the fact that I can become instantly submerged in a different lifestyle just by strapping on these beauties.


Bammba is another excellent example of different tones and shades of leather  integrated together to create another sophisticated and fashion-forward shoe. The wedge heel provides a high level of comfortably. The snake-skin print gives off a sexy and lustful vibe.

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