Southern Belles of the SEC

I can’t speak for myself, but I know many of my friends can’t wait to return to their college campus and escape their parents’ controlling grip. Freshman are eager for a fresh start and a chance to reinvent themselves. Each day on Facebook and Twitter, I am constantly reminded of the inevitable return. My timeline and mini-feed are filled to the brim of people exclaiming their pure excitement of reuniting with their newly proclaimed “bestie”.  Let’s get be clear, I cherish my friends. However, I do believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Spending 3 out of 12 months in a year apart is the least bit damaging to a friendship.
Due to all the simultaneous reminders, I am well aware of the building anticipation for school to begin.  Therefore, college life has been a constant thought for the past few weeks.
I hate to generalize and create stereotypes that probably already exist, but each colleges/university has a reputation. Whether it is partying, an influential greek life, or known for their die-hard school spirit there is always certain trait that defines each college campus. Today for my style board, I thought I give you any inquisitive readers a glimpse of the life of a SEC Southern Belle. Now, I do not consider myself a southern belle ,but I have spent plenty of time around them to understand their way of life, so on July 13, 2012, we celebrate the proud women of the South. Cheers to you!
Southern Belle SEC College Essentials


Home Grown


Glamourized Southern Chic

What is SEC without Greek Life?


Belle in Training


3 thoughts on “Southern Belles of the SEC

  1. No Chizo! Don’t put us in a box and stereotype us! You just wrote my death sentence! Haha I love being a southern girl but I’m proud of the fact I’m not a typical one. That first set of what girls wear to school makes my skin crawl bc it’s so unoriginal that they all dress the same. I am not criticizing your article. You’re just stating the facts like you said. I know you’re with me on this 🙂 You did a fair job portraying the SEC sorority girls though!!

    • Oh Molly! Haha. When I was writing this I thought, “Molly’s going to kill me after this post.” I really wanted to put something else in the first box for “everyday necessities”, but that’s not my reality or a lot of SEC Campuses either. I think to be a Southern Belle is a life-long process. During that that process you grow and mature. This is only one stage that some young women go through.During your younger years you spend a lot of the time discovering yourself. In this stage, everything is trial and error.As a youth, you experiment with conformity, rebellion, and individuality. You obviously by-passed conformity. Haha. But at the end of the day, “It is what it is.”

  2. hahahaha YES!!! although i can’t speak from experience, just what i see on fb, this is very spot on. Go Big 10!! haha

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