Fit is the New Skinny

I was reading an article in the Daily Mail Online, called “Six Pack Sisters”. Basically to sum the whole reading up in a nutshell : “Fit is the new skinny”. Slowly but surely, the size zero trend is withering away and the focus is now on overall health and fitness.  Women are proudly displaying toned and strong figures. Curves are no longer the six-letter synonym for insecurities.
There is nothing wrong with being naturally skinny or thin. However, some of us, no matter how hard we try will never be a size zero. As women, we should strive for whats best for our individual body. That’s right! Let’s  stop looking over at our neighbors fence drooling over their well cut lawn and start pulling out the weeds from our own. To reach a satisfactory level of health, we need to start becoming  more in tune with our bodies, aware of what type of foods we choose to consume,  and stay physically active. We don’t have to starve or punish our bodies to accomplish these goals. Our bodies perform the best when we work with and not against it.
Just think of  your body as a child. As a parent, no one wants to raise a spoiled, ungrateful, free loading  brat. So each day you wouldn’t buy your child a toy. Just as a parent responsibility is to rear  a child in hopes for he/she to grow up to be a honorary citizen, humans are given the responsibility of taking care and maintaining their health. Eating fast food and drinking caffeinated beverages everyday  is a definite way to ensure an uncontrolled and over indulged body.
Am I right or am I wrong?
Okay now that counseling session is over, let’s feast our eyes on the fit ladies of 2012.


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