Decor Galore.

This post has been a week in the making!!! While I have been recovering from the removal of my wisdom teeth, I have spent numerous hours lying in my bed with my laptop creating and designing decor sets.

Decorating a room is a wonderful way to rejuvenate or liven up your surroundings. This also a perfect project for those who recently purchased a new home, moving into a college dorm, or an apartment. Your living quarters says a lot about you as a person. Therefore, let your home be a blank canvas to express yourself as an individual. Below you will find different sets created by yours truly. Each set caters to a different style. I sought the internet and found multiple items that will help you attain this certain look. Now these are just a few ideas of what you can do to an empty room. The final product is all up to you.

Chic C'est La Vie
In French, Chic c’est la vie literally means “chic is life”. If these are words you truly live by and cherish, then this set is a perfect statement of your beliefs. To achieve this look it is important that your stick with a neutral color scheme and incorporate blacks, tans, and greys, etc. This will allow everything to blend smoothly throughout the room. The chandelier and the mirrored dressers are a must have. They both add a kiss of romance. Throws and decorative pillows are a white couch’s best friend. In seconds the looks jumps from dull to glamorous. Also, if you can’t afford new furniture right now, purchase a couch cover to create the same look.  The faux fur throw makes the couch appear welcoming and comfy.  To create an accent wall cover one wall with a patterned or textured wallpaper. Lastly,  picture yourself coming home from a hard day’s work and relaxing in this not-so-humble abode.
A Little Bit of Everything
I’ll be honest. I had a hard time categorizing this theme. So we’ll stick with A Little Bit of Everything. It has a little bit of modern, boho,and  downtown style aspects. This set does not have a specific color scheme, but rather it takes advantage of  a variety of different colors to create the overall appearance. Each piece in the above set  can not stand alone by itself. Every item’s feeds off or works with another piece in the set. I think a canvas wall art collage is a cool substitute for picture frames. They are also fairly inexpensive. Usually, drug stores’ photo stations have the option of canvas print outs. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to create a one-of-a-kind collage.If this is too much of a hassle, Target and Wal-Mart have an ample selection of canvas art featuring a vast collection of celebrities and paintings. In A Little Bit of Everything,  the importance is on placement not on furniture. I stress using items or pieces that you already own. If not go to a thrift shop and buy used pieces. The more used it looks the better!
Victorian Spice
The last set is my baby!I built this from the floor up.I carefully placed tiny square patterns to create the walls and floors. The alignment is definitely not my best work, but I wanted to take a risk.
Anyways… I feel like the Victorian Era has a aire of elegance and raunch. Everything about decor in the Victorian Era was extravagant and overdone. They loved big. They cheated big. They lied big. Everything was BIG.HAHAHA. Whether it was gold encrusted doorknobs or marble floors, the object of the game was to make your wealth known. In order to recreate a Victorian theme. I would definitely include patterned wallpaper. Some generic patterns are damsel or damask. The gold is an obvious color implemented in Victorian decor. In comparison to the rest of the sets, a Victorian themed…anything, would be the most expensive to replicate. This is due to the fact that in order to emulate true Victorian style requires certain furniture and appliances. For instance, a water basin would be more appropriate than a sink. Take note, I incorporated in my set a faucet and a basin to give it a modern feel. Also, I would advised the purchase of a bathtub, rather than a shower. Darling, Victorian women didn’t take showers they bathe’d. Antiques or items that appear to carry some years, are also a nice addition the overall appearance of the layout. Imagine coming home from a week of jet-setting (yeah, right) and unwinding in this gorgeous bathroom. Yes, Please!
For those who are not ready for a dramatic change.Below are easy simple craft ideas, anyone can do to add a special touch to their casa.

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