Will the Real TwiHearts Please Stand Up.

 After Kristen Stewart has admitted to Rob Pattinson and the world of her  affair with her Snow White and The Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders, TwiHearts are shattered by the news.
Fans have been using social media websites to express their utter outrage and disapproval.  The following are tweets I read just by searching #KristenStewart and #KristenStewartCheats :


Did Kristen Stewart really cheat on Robert Pattinson? Seriously my#Twilight world with come crashing down down down!

Julia Segal ‏@juliasegal

Today’s NY Post calls Kristen Stewart a “Vamp Tramp” but you know “Ho White” was their second choice.

Lorena Flores ‏@HollywooddeLola

http://twitgoo.com/63x4zo I knew there was a reason for my hatred against Bella. She cheated on #CedricDiggory!#KristenStewartCheats

Regardless of all the thousands of Twilight fans rushing to Twitter to give their input, no one trumps Emma Clark. From the start Emma has passionately showcased her strong love for the Twilight Saga on her Youtube account entitled NuttyMadam.

However, my all-time favorite video from Nutty Madam is her reactions to seeing the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Preview for the first time.There are no words I can use to prepare you for this video. Sit back and watch.

After hearing about the affairEmma took to YouTube and bemoaned about the recent atrocity committed and unexpectedly defend Kristen Stewart.

Surprisingly, Emma is not the first die-hard fan to take to YouTube and ward off the naysayers. In 2007, Chris Crocker came to Britney Spears defense telling all the haters to “Leave Britney alone!”


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