Short Hair Don’t Care

For a long time, I have been contemplating cutting all my hair off.
Wait! Let me rephrase that.
For a long time, I have been contemplating cutting my hair really really short. Granted my hair isn’t amazingly long in the first place.

Yours truly (Me).

For women, our hair can sometimes be a security clutch. We  sometimes base the quality of our appearance on the length of our hair. In a way, I admire people who fearlessly cut it all off. I sense a strength and confidence and lack of attachment to eighteen inches of dead skin cells ( because in actuality that’s what hair is-dead skin).
If I ever were to pursue this thought of cutting my hair, my choice of style would be either a pixie cut or a short bob. I have an oval-shaped head, and I believe both styles would frame my face nicely. Also, I love the daily low maintenance short requires, which suits my usual on-the-run schedule.  The only thing I fear is , “What if  it the hairstyle doesn’t look like how I  imagined it?”.
What do I do then?
Pick up all the strands of my hair laying on the salon floor,  hold them against my chest, and begin to mourn??? With a hair cut like this, there’s no turning back.  AGHHH…decisions, decisions, decisions.

Few Ideas

Asymmetrical pixie cut

Retired Victoria Secret model, Stella Ebanks

Michelle Williams

Taraji P. Henson’s Sexy Bob

Good Girl Gone Bad. One of Rhianna’s ever changing hair styles.

Ashlee Simpson has had quite a style evolution. She went from an edgy punk rocker to being one of Hollywood’s fashion forward celebs. Her dramatic hair cut was a turning point in her eventual style transformation.


2 thoughts on “Short Hair Don’t Care

  1. Do it! Beauty is so much more than hair, I think Im gonna cut my hair in a couple of years. Now im too obsessed with long hair lol

  2. Chizo I totally think you could rock the short hair! I really like tarajis hair and think you would look fly 😉

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