Cover Me in Lace

While browsing my FABULOUS board on Pinterest, IT HIT ME! I have an obession. Until now, I was unaware of  or able to acknowledge it. I am a lover of LACE gowns.
(especially if  it’s sheer lace, BONUS POINTS).
There’s just something about the mystery and sex appeal that lace gives to a gown and a woman’s body. It captures and reels any wandering eye inward and leaves them feed, but still hungry for more. Lace shows a lot but not enough.
And guess what? It not just me whose had/has been having lace on the mind. Lace hit major  fashion runways’ autumn/winter 2011 preview shows and managed to seep into some fall/winter 2012 previews. Yay, for a healthy and mutual obsession !
 There are a few designers who I believe handle and utilize lace with the utmost care, thought, and genius. Care to take a look?


Hands down, Marchesa takes the gold when it comes to making women feel like a  princess.

 “Named for the Milanese Marchesa Luisa Casati—the Belle Epoque high priestess of fashion eccentricity, who was known for taking her pet cheetahs for walks—the line was born in Chapman’s London flat in 2004, with a handful of dresses.”


Elie Saab

Lebanese designer Elie Saab is a favorite for many royals including: Queen Rania of Jordan, Victoria Crown Princess of Sweden, and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg. What a clientele list! (Where is my prince? Add me to that list.) When it comes to ES haute couture line he does nOt hold back, he brings everything to the desgin table.

“He likes sexy, embroidered gowns. Period. Sequins—the more the better. Flounces, fringes and everything that glimmers—give him more.” –WWD

Zuhair Murad

Also,I am a new fan of another Lebanese designer haute couture, Zuhair Murad. He is a master at creating mouth-dropping silhouettes. Everything he makes is strut worthy!

“Thanks to his talent for synthesizing the rich colours of his native homeland
with the elegance of European women, even bigger things are to be expected of
the rising couturier star.” –Fashion Model Directory


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