Recap:Before this Beauitful Season Comes to an End.

Well folks this beautiful season has come to an end. That’s right almost two weeks ago, Labor Day capped off the last day of summer. If you guys can remember, in one of my previous posts on my blog, I made a list of tasks I set out to accomplish before the end of summer. So as a last goodbye to the amazing Summer ’12, I want to update all my readers on which ones I managed to mark off my list. Take a Look.

 Numero Uno: Get a Passport 

Out of all the tasks this is the one I am the proudest  to have accomplished. It was a long process and quite pricey, but well worth it. Plus, my passport picture  quite stunning. Well maybe not stunning but I can look at it without grimacing.

                                  Numero Dos: Purchase Chacos


As stated before in my original post, purchasing Chacos was the first thing checked off my list. Since I started strutted down campus with my new loves, I have received tons of comments.SCORE!!! They are also super comfy and go with anything.  The Chacos ZX/2 Vibram Yampa in Fiesta are my go to sandals for the Fall.

Numero Tres: Upload and  Transfer Pictures into the Picture Frames I Purchased

I have finally took the time and printed and framed pictures from my camera! YAY! This was by far was the hardest task to check off. I was very unmotivated, due to the fact that I feel Insta-gram and Facebook are  great public  photographic time capsule of my life,friends, and family members through photos. Regardless, I found my framed pictures to be great in filling up empty spaces throughout my casa.

Congrats to all the finalist who made it into my desk and walls of mi casa. For the rest who did not appear, don’t worry. I have plenty more pictures to post around my living quarters.

Numero Cuatro: Purchase a Runner’s Watch

I unknowingly conquered this goal. How? I was waking through JCPenney’s (in order to get to the parking lot), when I spotted my new hot pink Digi-Tek watch. Not only does it have a stopwatch but it cute enough to wear regardless if I intend to go for a run.

As you can see it has been well broken into. I get a lot of use out of this watch.

Numero Cinco: Purchase Adele’s 21 and Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials

Okay, I kind of half completed my last assignment. I did purchase Adele’s 21 and Florence and the Machine’s Lungs (their album before Ceremonials). I do intend to purchase Ceremonials, it’s just that I wanted to start from the beginning.

 Honestly, I believe making this list of goals, actually help me achieve them. Due to the fact that I publicly proclaimed them on my blog, I felt more motivated to check each one off my list. Plus, I didn’t want to disappoint my readers. Its very self- gratifying to know that I accomplished 4.5 out of the 5 goal (shoulder pat). YIPPEE!

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