A Black&Gold Christmas

So pretty soon Christmas will be here before we know it. To be exact, a week from now Christmas will be here before we know. For all the procrastinators, who have still have yet to shop or decide on an outfit you will choose to DAZZLE your guests,WOW your hosts, or perhaps SHOCK your family members, I have an idea maybe even…a solution. It calls for ditching the traditional winter holiday colors and incorporating Black&Gold. Let’s be honest, the only place were red, green, and purple should all be coordinated together is either on a Christmas tree, a nativity scene, or in a firework display. Therefore, why waste your time digging through your closet trying to find that one royal purple cardigan or crimson red skirt you own, when in reality BLACK & GOLD IS BACK!
Black & Gold
These two color work well to provide class, allure, and the appropriate amount of sex appeal for the holidays. Also another great thing about shopping for these two colors is that they are abundant in supply. For those of you who have not heard, gold rocked many Fall/Winter runways and has made its fabulous return back into many department stores and local boutiques
(silent cheer)
With Black&Gold being the hot commodity of the season, there are many blouses, skirts, accessories waiting on the racks to be claimed and sold. This amps up the easiness of showcasing your creativity and individuality.
Still not inspired? Scroll Up and check out my inspiration board and see if I haven’t won you over afterwards.
Still having a Style Block? Scroll Down to find pieces that will awaken your creative muse.
Furthermore, if I do not birth another blog post before the joyous December 25th, I wish all my faithful followers
“A Happy, Healthy, Fashion-Forward Christmas!”

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