New Year. New Attitude. New Campus Style

As the holidays wrap up students are returning back to their college campuses -hopefully in style. The beginning of a new semester & year is the perfect time to revamp or update your style. Many students will arrive to their “second” homes bearing new clothes & accessories they either received as a gift or scored during a holiday sale. Now is the time to experiment and try new things. As I always say ” Be Bold!” To help everyone ignite their creative juices, below I have assembled some great ideas to trade out for your daily sweatpants & oversized t-shirts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this daily ensemble, but everyone needs a little spice, ferocity, & shimmer in their life, right?

Morning Rush
Look 1: Time waits for no one and neither do your professors. Incorporate these items for an easy casual look for those early 8am’s.
Surviving a "HUMP" Day.
Look 2: By the middle of the week you will be craving for the weekend. However don’t let a “HUMP” day cramp your style. Try something new & different. Be bold! Spice up your outfit with a head turning piece. As they say when you look good you feel good.
Weekend: Out & About
Look 3: Perfect outfit for running errands while looking cute but comfy.
Look 4: After a hectic week of classes, it always fun to get dressed up and go out to dinner with your group of close girlfriends.

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