Beyond Sad


What started off as one of the best days of my life soon became the opposite. Allow me to recreate the scene. February 15, 2013 just a mere week and two days away from my birthday, I awake from my restless slumber. I had been up til 2am, too excited to get any sleep, because I knew that within 8 hours Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour tickets were going on sale. By 9:00am I had my credit card out. 9:30am I was logged in to Skype ready to receive “secondly” updates about the tickets prices from my Beyonce Lover partner in crime, Taylor Hawken. Immediately at 10:00am we both refreshed out computers that were currently on Ticketmaster. BOOM! the race began…and soon ended within 30 seconds. The tickets had sold out.

The only way I can¬†describe¬†scavenging for Beyonce tickets would be comparing it to “Black Friday” shopping. Expect on this Friday, I returned back to bed with busy signals, and an overheated computer, and no tickets. I tilted my eyes towards my white bare ceiling and gave a barbaric yawp, that would remind Walt Whitman of the sound a puppy makes when receiving its first bath.

I after a few phone calls and consoling from close friends, I realized the fight had not been lost. I realized still have till July before the “Gates of Sasha Fierce” will open and by God, I plan to “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” my way through them. I’ll see you in JULY, B!!!


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