The DpiperTwins

Spring is in the AIR!!!  Let your hair down, roll down your windows, and  turn the radio up. Set your spirit free and pack up all those dark neutral colors! Today we celebrate the return of color and sun-kissed skin back into our lives. As we march our way out of the harsh winter  weather, and  open our hearts to the thoughts of long summer days, outdoor music festivals, and numerous hours spent at the pool; let us take time to bask in the youthful & colorful Spring/Summer 2013 Dpipertwins Collection.
Dpiper twins

Danielle & Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper

I recently  learned about the Ghanaian identical TWIN designers/models via Instagram. Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper African origins deeply influences their design esthetic. They implement Ankara cloth into their  collection to create stylish & au courant looks that caters to the modern African/Caribbean woman. The use of ankara cloth provides a comfortable fit, durability, and a breathable fabric perfect for warmer weather.
Being a Nigerian American, one thing I love about the Dpipertwins is that  their styles provide “the best of both worlds”. The pieces are not one-dimensional and heavily saturated in traditional West African attire, but their also workable cross culturally. You can wear the Dpipertwins collection practically anywhere.
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Flapper dress


Ankara cloth skirt

This has Rihanna written all over it!

This has Rihanna written all over it!


A day at the office

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2 thoughts on “The DpiperTwins

    • Hey! I am not actually sure about the jewelry but I would advise contacting DpiperTwins ( They do a really good job at responding to e-mails. Thanks for the visiting the site. Stay tuned!

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