Sizzling Summer Style of 2013: 5 Trend Predictions

Neon Chic

Neon has been ever-present in the past few summers. However this year, we are going to see an reinvention of the unoriginal cutout/cropped, cotton-tanktop-sheer retail item. I envision a more tailored, shape contoured, and functional piece that recreates concept of the dramatic hues.  This summer of 2013 neon will leave the playgrounds of youth and take on a more mature look.
Neon Chic

Snake Skin Print

Who knew the departure of cheetah print would usher in the year of the SNAKE.
Snake Print

Denim’s Comeback

Denim is once again proving to the fashion world its versatility.

Shift dress

Shift dresses are a great break from the tired old bandage/bodycon dresses. I love the way they fall on a woman’s body and the comfort. Another great thing about shift dresses is that they can be worn and flatter  almost any body type. They usually hang loose on shoulders and have little definition on the waist.
The Shift

Bold Graphic Prints & Geometric Shapes

Bold Graphic Print & Geometric Shapes

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