Part 1: The Road to Mrs. Carter!

For everyone who religiously and faithfully follows my blog…….hahaha, right?
Well anyways, in February I wrote a post titled Beyond Sad, which give an in-depth description of how I failed to capture Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour tickets, due to the fact that they sold out in a blink of an eye. Yes, February 15th, was a very tiring day for me. For an instance… a couple of hours…okay DAYS, I believed I would never be able to score tickets to see Beyonce.
Luckily, after many days spent soul searching, I decided to dig myself out of the cave of self destruction, end my pity party, and search every crook and crevice of the internet for tickets. As soon after I began my forage, I discovered the difficult part was not finding Beyonce tickets; it was finding Beyonce tickets that were reasonably priced.
Like any other high-profile concert, scouters buy up all the tickets and sell them for double the price. Not  to mention, regular Mrs. Carter World Tour tickets bought through Ticketmaster are already expensive.  So I had to ask myself two questions and answer them with the utmost honesty, “How much did I love Beyonce?” and “How much was I willing to pay to go see Queen B?”
Fortunately, I did not have to think to hard about the second question because, to my surprise, I found not one, but two Mrs. Carter World floor tickets; and they were reasonably priced.
Where did I find them?
The highly reputable, safe, and credible StubHub. Granted, the tickets were about $40 more than the original price, but I could deal with that. It’s Beyonce! I couldn’t believe that three weeks before the concert I managed to get my hands on these coveted jewels.
However, there is catch.
Since they were floor tickets, it was general admission, standing only. Now, floor tickets have the potential to be the best seats in the house, it just depends on where you are standing.Therefore, to get a good spot you have to make sure you arrive early, very early.
This is why we  (me & my friend Taylor) arrived at the concert arena at 5:00AM (in the morning) in order to make sure we were one of the first people to enter. Upon arriving in downtown Nashville, we discovered that we were not the first people in line but the sixth. Yes, there was a group of girls who had camped out since 8pm the night before. Literally, they had pitched a tent outside of Bridgestone Arena, NO LIE!!!
For 12+ hours we stood in line ( well actually we sat, we had lawn chairs) waiting for the doors to open at 6:30. I know what your thinking? TWELVE PLUS HOURS!!! Honestly, the time went by so quickly because everyone who was waiting was so excited and pumped for the concert. There was a huge sense of community, we were truly members of the Behive.
BOOM!! It was 6:30pm and the bond among us was broken, the doors opened and it was now every fan for themselves. We rushed past security and into the arena towards the stage!!! Each person vying for the same prize, front row!
To be continued…
Skyline view of Downtown Nashville at 5:00am
Loyal partner in crime, Taylor, tagged team up with me to attend Mrs. Carter World Tour 2013
Awesome girls we met as we waited (1st & 2nd in regular general admission line). They arrived at 4:00am in the morning in full hair, makeup, and outfit!!! We were next in line to them.
View from behind us, after groups were split. More regular general admission people began to trickle in around 11am.

Two hours before the show we went and changed while people held our stop in line. We clean up good, right? Even Little Richard rolled down his car window to “holla” at us. No joke!


Two words: Dedication & Confidence.


2 thoughts on “Part 1: The Road to Mrs. Carter!

  1. i am planning on attending Beyonce in a few days and i have general admission floor seats with the early entry so without going the night before, what time in the morning should i arrive?

    • Hey,
      Since you have early admission, I would come around noon-ish (12-1pm). There will be people in line already, but regardless you are still getting in before anyone else. The line shouldn’t be that long. Prepare for an amazing experience and have fun!!!

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