Well, that was a first!

First day in Guatemala? One word. Wow!

Whether or not you wish to be immersed in the culture, as soon as you exit Aeropuerto Internacional La Aurora of Guatemala City you are immediately engulfed into the Latin American lifestyle.

First, the road system. I just want to take a moment to say that I am thankful I will never be responsible for driving on any Guatemalan street, highway, dirt road, etc. Maneuvering around this country is truly a mastered skill. Jesus would truly need to take the wheel. Within the first five minutes, I would have probably had five accidents.

I would not be prepared for the motorist driving between lanes; children racing across the street; or being forced to tip after unneeded window clean by a squeegee wiper. Also, I would probably be distracted by the man selling foot long machetes across the street like its CUTCO. No, I rather play the role as the passenger. I prefer to people watch and be enthralled by this new scenery and lifestyle.

The color.The vibe. The people. It is all a breath of fresh, yet it will still take time to adapt. Regardless, I am ready and excited for the experience. I want to effortlessly let the “R”s roll off my tongue, barter with the street vendors for the best price, walk around town with a basket on my head, ride the chicken bus like a true local, etc. I want to live out in front of the lens and not behind it.

That was pretty deep. Until next time.


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