¡Leones, Tigres, y Osos, Ay Mío!


UPAVIM has an after school called,Reforzamiento, which runs all day. In Guatemala, students only go to school for four hours each day. Elementary usually go in the morning and middle school aged go in the afternoon.

The kids enrolled in Reforzamiento either attend a school other than UPAVIM or none at all. At Reforzado students can receive tutoring, English classes, or enjoy extracurricular activities. Every Friday is a designated “play day”. Today we ventured out with 20+ students to the local zoo.

I was assigned to five kids for the whole trip, which proved to be a struggle. Each pulled me in different directions.

“¡Seno Chisa miras los monos¡”
“!Venga, Seno Chisa!”

I will admit…I lost each of them about 17,00000 times and had plenty more mini panic attacks. They would runoff to an exhibit, but they always returned.

From the bus ride there to back home the kids were full of energy. I learned so many songs and slang phrases from them. I can already notice an improvement in my Spanish.

Also, I have developed a nickname among some of the kids at Reforzamiento, “morena”, which means brown. It’s prefect, right? They use the term endearingly.









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