Weekend in Antigua


This past weekend we traveled to Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua is a city located in the central highlands of Guatemala, nestled between mountains. Tourists flock to the city to experience its well preserved Spanish Baroque architecture.

We spent two days in the city. In regards to lodging, a hostel was booked. I had a great first experience. Hostel Hollistico was very clean. The staff was bilingual ( bonus points). Our one-stay cost a total of 60 quetzales a person and included breakfast.


Since we are living in the slums of Guatemala City, it was nice to visit a tourist attraction. A place that fills the pages of travel guides. A city that make visitors fall in love with the country of Guatemala.

Antigua is very safe. Therefore, we were allowed to explore the city by ourselves. I partnered up with another Nourish intern and ventured out into the cobble-stoned streets of Antigua.

One thing I noticed immediately about Antigua was there are absolutely no traffic lights. Street signs are tiny and hidden, so a map can prove to very useless. The sidewalks are filled with a melting pot of people and cultures.

A prime place to hangout is Central Park, the city square. Vendors, mimes, clowns, are scattered all over Central Park.



There are many restaurants in Antigua that offer a variety of different cuisine, however I would stick to Latin food. It’s hard to find a place that really does chicken pesto justice. I did have amazing paella at a restaurant called Paella Barraca. Lastly,beware of the seafood, none of it is fresh. All of it is frozen and shipped into the city.

At night, many of the restaurants change into bars. Bands provide the live music and people mingle around. It’s fun to bar hop. The night life last all through the night and until sunrise.

I was exhausted from a day of traveling and ventured back to the hostel around 1am. However, some of my counterparts stayed out to 4am.

They really gave the city a run for its money.


One thought on “Weekend in Antigua

  1. Sooooo enjoying your experience Chizaboo! Your writing is inviting…captivating. Keep it coming. So very proud of you!!!

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