San Pedro


Fresh off the boat.

This weekend was the most fun by far. We traveled to Panajchel and took a boat ride out to San Pedro. Both cities are sit cozy next to Lake Atitlan.

San Pedro is beautiful and a perfect travel destination for the 20-30 year-old crowd. Many young people visit San Pedro for its chill and hipster-like atmosphere. The city is a melting pot. I dare say, you forget you are in Central America, due to the many Americans, British, and Europeans who flock to the lakeside party city.




Karen and I kayaking in Lake Atitlan. Volcano of San Pedro in the background.

There are also many activities you can do while in San Pedro including kayaking (which I did), paragliding, hiking a volcano,etc.

The night life is two thumbs up, EXPECT Guatemala has a law prohibits bars from selling alcohol after 1am in the morning. Therefore, bars usually close at this time and your left searching for an after party or ending the night early.

We went to a karaoke bar that University of South California and University of Pennsylvania was hosting. The only Guatemalan thing about that bar was the police standing outside of it. It was what the Latinos would call “GRINGO” central. There was not one Spanish song played the whole night, rather Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Jay-Z blasted from the speakers. It was as if Americans has sieged a piece of the city.


Karaoke night at El Barrio.


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