Monty Montericco

Ay ay ay! Monterricco.

This past weekend was one of the most memorable of my life.

As usual, as soon as weekend hit, the Nourish UTK crew headed outed to explore the world outside of La Esperanza.

Nourish crew heads off for another weekend adventure.

Nourish crew heads off for another weekend adventure.

Our destination? Monterrico!

The beach town is located on the west coast of Guatemala and sits alongside the Pacific Ocean.

Due to the water’s undertones and powerful waves, it is advised not to swim. However, running away from the ghastly large waves crashing against the black volcanic sand can prove to be quite fun.

Black sand

Black sand

Unlike San Pedro, Monterrico has many Guatemalan tourists. The quite town transforms on the weekends as visitors arrive.

Although Monterrico is not filled to the brim with bars, they do have some popular venues; such as Johnny’s Place and a discoteca. The happy hours deals are a bargain and filled with 5Q tequila shots and 10Q cuba libre.

Due to its location on the coast, Monterrico can get pretty humid. Last weekend the temperature was 66F, but the humidity made feel like it was 95F. Taking a shower is pointless, because you will exit the bathrooms feeling equally or more sticky or sweaty.

During the day, visitors will find themselves either laying poolside at a local hotel/hostel,venturing out to Parque Hawaii; a nature reserve that host a turtle-hatchery, or taking an early morning boat ride tour of the town.

Chilling poolside

At night, the real party starts.






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