Surfs Up: A Quick Stop in El Salvador

While in El Salvador we visited two cities, San Salvador and and a beach town in La Libertad, Tunco.

San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador, whereas Tunco is a beach town favorite for surfers.

We mostly stayed in the San Bonito area of San Salvador- A.K.A the really nice part. San Bonito has a very ” westernized” look for a city located in Central America. The city provided me with aspects of home that I have been missing. Although I have never visited California, I feel that San Benito and Los Angeles are kindred spirits.

San Bonito also has many American restaurant chains such as Ruth Chris, Tony Roma’s, Denny’s, etc.

I had the pleasure to dine at Denny’s. I will say that I use to consider myself a Waffle House/ IHOP kind of girl, but after eating at Denny’s I am beginning to have my doubts.

It’s was one of the cleanest food establishments I have eaten at while in Central America. The waiters even wore hairnets.

If I ever had the opportunity, I would eat there again with absolute confidence ( this statement does not apply any Denny’s chain located in the U.S.).

On the other hand, Tunco is known for its gnarly waves and intense party scene. There you will find an overflown of over tanned man whose overuse of Sun In is evident in their endless strands of blonde highlights sprinkled all over their heads.

Surfboard rental and repair shops are sprinkled generously along the main street. Beginners can find many stores or even locals offering surfing lessons.

Tunico runs on the general schedule of surf and chill all week, party hard on Saturday.

Thursday and Friday usher in the weekend with series of bars hosting ladies night. However, the beach town becomes unrecognizable on Saturday. Young foreigners swarm the town and fill the bars and hostels on the weekends.

Unfortunately, I was unable to experience the famous Saturday “throw-down”. We left for Nicaragua early Saturday morning.


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