Granada… The one not in Spain

After a 14-hour bus ride, we finally reached Managua, Nicaragua. The country’s capital is not particularly safe for tourists, especially at night. Therefore, we took a taxi straight to Granada.

Granada strongly reminded me of Antigua, Guatemala. However, I have to say, I liked Granada 10xs better. The city’s own for its Spanish Baroque architecture. Granada attracts many tourists from all over the world, most of them are American or English speakers.

The national currency is cordoba and U.S. dollars, which was a relief because I didn’t have to exchange money.

Nearby the city, tourists can visit, Lake Nicaragua/Cocibolca , or participate in a wide-range of outdoors activities including zip lining, boat tours, horseback rides, volcano tours, etc. The price of food and hostels/hotels is fair. The average hostel price ranges from $5-20/night per person, while hotels range from $50-100/night per room.


After staying in hostel, after hostel, after hostel, I decided to treat myself and stay at Hotel Gran Francia. It was well worth every penny.

One of my favorite things about Granada is the street life. There is so much happening on the sidewalk. A lot of restaurants will set up tables outside, where customers can dine, while watching street performers.

The city square is full with many vendors and interesting souvenirs to take back home ( including the nipple mugs below).

Granada gives you a little taste of everything. It has outdoor activities for the nature lovers, boutiques for the spenders, and spas for the highly pampered.



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