Throwback Thursday: Ziplining & “Hands On” Instructors


I decided to zipline while in Nicaragua. The company we choose was fairly cheap, $30 for two hours with 17 platforms and 9 lines. However, the experience was unique.

The canopy tour was about a 45-minute drive away from Granada. Once we arrived they strapped us in our gear and we headed to the first platform.


Once we reached the platform, they gave us a quick ziplining tutorial in complete Spanish; even though our instructors where fluent English speakers. As you can imagine, it was very difficult for me to understand any of the instructions or safety precautions given.

It was not until it was my turn to do my first platform that I realized they had equipped me with two right hand gloves, which proved to useless on my left hand. Embarrassed one of the instructors, quickly handed me his gloves.

After conquering the first line, they asked us if we wanted to try different moves like a superman and hang upside-down.

Heck yeah! You only live once, right.

First up, superman. All of a sudden I find myself being straddled from behind as I face forward. As a first time zipliner, I did think too much of it. I would rather be thrust face-forward across a stretch of rope alongside a trained instructor.

It was not until I saw the photos from our canopy tour that I realized how “hands on” our instructor was; take a look.




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