I moved from Blogspot to WordPress in order to revamp and revive  my old  blog, “Frugal Fashion”. Shortly after beginning the process of designing my new site, I made a decision to completely do away with concept of  ”Frugal Fashion”.  I made some distinct and important changes  to better improve my new blog. First, I changed the name of the blog completely. With a new blog  comes a new concept and ideas. As you can see the blog is titled “Chiz-Oh-BeQuiet”. For those who don’t  understand the irony of the name choice,  the title is a play off my actual name, Chizo Obi. Also, the title represent my personality and the concept of this blog.

Let me start of by introducing myself.

“Hello my name is Chizo Obi and I am very opinionated and talkative.”

With this blog I intend to indulge you, my readers, with my thoughts, views, rants, and raves of the world and my surroundings. In this blog you will find a wide array of topics and discussions. My entries will arise from pure inspiration and sometimes… frustration. People are entitled to their own opinion, although others may not be interested in hearing it. Here on “Chiz-Oh-BeQuiet” you will get my full opinion and then some. Enjoy!